About BRN

BRN is a 100% Brazilian company, specialized in importing and exporting machinery, implements and agricultural parts.
The company was founded with the purpose of filling out a hole that existed in the agricultural machinery and equipment market, which until then was marked by the difficulty of Brazilian companies in enabling and increasing the exportation of their products to a globalized and extremely competitive market.

It's main mission is to foment world business aimed at the agribusiness and, using its expert intelligence in identifying the most attractive markets for each kind of product, to be able to locate a suitable and reliable partner in the domestic and foreign market. Over the last years, BRN has led several Brazilian companies to different countries projecting brands, businesses and products.

Using its worldwide contact network, BRN also can bring forward, exclusively, high quality products to meet the demands of the Brazilian market, with an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Due to its operation mode, the international experience of its founder Rodolfo Nagao, the quality of its team (which blends experience, know-how and broad vision of the world market) and the spread of its partners, all of them highlighted on their operation area, some of them with over 30 years in their activities, BRN has become a reference in international business of agricultural equipment and parts.

The stability and constant growth of its international business allowed BRN to start BRN HOLDING, which also includes BRNPAR Real Estate Developments, founded to operate on the promising sector of civil construction, especially in the building and sale of condominiums and neighborhoods.


BRN has a work philosophy that seeks to invest in an exclusive and permanent relationship with its partners, without representing brands or companies that compete for the same equipment with one another. Inside this system, BRN becomes responsible for 100% of all international business services of each company, usually discussing with its partners the best way to represent them, from the initial deals to the technical delivery and maintenance of their equipment in post-sales.

Immediate benefits

In practice, this kind of relationship has shown to be interesting because it allows the partner to benefit immediately - without necessity to make big investments – of all know-how and structure of BRN’s worldwide distribution network, resulting in a faster and economic way to profit with exportation.


BRN offers the complete solution in international commerce for the agricultural world. In this context, it offers all necessary services and departments to import and/or export machinery, implements and agricultural parts efficiently and safely.
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